We believe that temple management is essential for providing an excellent devotee experience.


Chakra is a one-stop temple management software that automates all temple operations and administrative activities.


Comprehensive application to manage the day to day activities of temple administrators, trustees, devotees, and employees.

Role Based Access

Temples can define and assign roles securely and efficiently. Predefined roles such as temple admin, front desk, priest, and devotee/member are configurable to suit the temple needs.


Temple administrators can customize, create, and manage recurring or special pujas and events offered by the temple. The devotees can take part in these services through online or in-person bookings with various payment options.

Chakra offers personalized membership pledges created based on the temple requirements. The platform also provides autopay options for memberships by integrating a secured payment gateway.

Chakra enables users to book pujas with personal priest scheduling at the click of a button. Devotees can view regular temple schedules and priest availability to plan these bookings. The interface also allows year-long service bookings with a single transaction.

Chakra offers auto-generated reports on donations, devotees, and staff to provide insight on temple operations. The report settings can be customized and edited through Excel-like features.

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Assist temples to better serve the community with Chakra.

A single platform serving Hindus globally through temples.

Temple Benefits

  • Easy to use by Temple Staff and Devotees
  • Secure role-based system with custom privileges
  • Online Temple Calendars, Programs, and Newsletters
  • Online Puja booking (I/O) and Sponsorship
  • Personalized devotee notifications
  • QuickBooks Online integration
  • Accept donations from devotees with secured payment options
  • Automated year-end donation report & “Thank You” letters
  • 100+ pre-built temple reports
  • Integrated Kiosk (Puja / Gift shop / Cafeteria)
  • Devotee Mobile App (Windows / Android / iOS compatible)