Inside Chakra

Chakra enables temples with a seamless devotee experience, thereby increasing devotee engagement and support to temples.

Core Values


Increased temple operational efficiency

Streamline all temple activities with

security and convenience

Zero Overhead

On Technical staff in temples


Improvement in devotee services and donations



  • Responsive Site

    Webpages renders well on any device with different screen size. Page resizes itself depending on the type of the device ranging from wide computer monitor to smartphones.

  • Mobile App

    Devotee centric mobile app to view the temple events and services and pay for the services from the app. Devotee can have personalised preferences and settings to view in the app.

  • Mobile Friendly Kiosk

    Can act as POS during busy days to provide specific services authorised by the temple. Kiosk can be Self-Service or Administered. No specific Kiosk device needed. Any Tablet or Smart phone or Windows based system with touch enabled Monitor can be used as a Kiosk device.

  • Homepage Customization

    Temple administrator can change the look and feel of the Home page by just using Drag and Drop. They can create their own widgets for streaming in the website.

  • Content Management

    Administrator can customize the content in the homepage using the WYSIWYG editor integrated in the system. They can create custom templates and custom pages to display.

  • Dynamic Menu

    Menus in the Homepage can be dynamic and any temple service / happening can be assigned as menu. This can be managed by Temple Administrator.

  • Custom Quick Links

    Quicklinks in the Homepage can be created by Temple admin for any Service / Event / Page content

  • Temple Specific Settings

    Administrator can specify details like temple timings, Priest Availability, Communication and Kiosk setup.

  • Printing in Thermal Printer and Pre-printed format

    Payment receipts can be printed in Thermal printer or Pre-printed format specified and configured by the temple

  • Continual Improvement

    Temple needs are analysed and based on market analysis we include / enhance features in the product to serve temples better

  • Swipe Card Integration

    To reduce the charges paid by temple for keyed-in transaction, we have integrated Card swipe machine. When devotees pay donation / book service, admin can swipe the card in Card reader and transaction is authorized.

  • Social Media Integration

    Temple services can be published in Social media to get more responses. We provide integration with Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc...

  • Quick Book Integration

    Data synchronization with Quickbooks includes Users, Services and Payment transactions

  • Multiple Payment Options

    System provides different payment options like Card, Cash, Check, Google pay, Apple pay, etc...

  • Recurring Payment

    Payment to temples can be set to Recurring mode so that the amount is collected in the set frequency

  • Memorize Reports

    Applied report filters can be saved and retrieved whenever needed to avoid reapplying

  • Export or Email Reports

    Report data can be exported (downloaded) as Email or PDF. Also can be sent in mail directly from the system

  • Pivot Reports

    Users can convert any normal report to Pivot report by identifying columns to group. Easy as Microsoft Excel Pivot wizard.

  • Tax Exemption Report

    Temple can send devotees their donation summary to submit for Tax exemption submission in the year end.

  • Audit Log

    Activity performed in the system can be tracked and viewed by Admin as reports for traceability

  • Bulk Emails

    Mails can be sent to multiple users for Notifying a Temple event or mailing Year End Donation report. Mail success status can be tracked.