Challenges in Managing a Temple: Is there a need for Temple Management System?

Since time immemorial, temples have occupied a central place in the Hindu society and play a significant role in bringing the community together. They have also been important centers of Learning, Commerce, Music, Dance and the like.

Temple Management SystemModern day temples in North America and the rest of the world have started to fulfill a similar promise and have increasingly become important in keeping the community together, especially in alien lands and culture.

Along with the increased need for temples, the problem of increased accountability to devotees, donors and various other stakeholders has risen too. This has been compounded by the fact that temples are mainly run by volunteers who cannot afford to spend too much time on mundane activities within the temple, in order to maintain their work-family balance.

Beyond religious services, it has become important to professionally handle temple services by connecting Temple Devotees, Temple Employees (Priest, Administrators, Managers etc.), Temple Board and the Volunteer Committees (Treasurer, Secretary, Chairperson etc.,). 


Point-of-Sale solution proves helpful in retail outlets like restaurants and beauty salons, and Accounting Tools help in book-keeping. But Temple Management needs both these ends to meet.

Online Temple Management SystemTo handle myriad challenges through one holistic solution, Kunduru Foundation as thought leaders developed an application named HOMA – Hindu online Temple Management System in the year 2004.  Having gained vast experience in the domain, we have upgraded the product to take new avatar with the name CHAKRA – Visit: here



Like ERP serves an Enterprise for resource planning, CHAKRA can be referred as TRP – Temple Resource Planning.  Chakra automates the entire temple management system process.  Financial transactions can be made securely and integrated into the existing accounting software. Temple-related reports of different types, such as Annual Tax Statements for Donors, Priest Schedules etc., can be generated in a matter of seconds.

Temples can generate more donations because of the streamlined mode of making donations by devotees and create transparency in monitoring temple finances by anyone. These benefits, along with numerous other benefits have made CHAKRA extremely popular in major Hindu temples all over North America and India.

Challenges in Managing a Temple: Is there a need for Temple Management System?

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